‘Tired mum’ Halloween costume goes viral

THIS girl's Halloween costume is so relatable that mums everywhere don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Jillian, 13, decided to attend Halloween festivities dressed as a 'tired mum', with uggboots, a Starbucks coffee in hand, two clingy babies, mascara-smudged eyes and a shopping bag holding wine. Her mum Lindsay couldn't stop laughing when she first saw the outfit.

"It's literally EVERYTHING" she wrote on the family's Facebook page. "She pulled this off perfectly!"

In an article written for Love What Matters, Lindsay wrote how growing up in a big family "she has seen the blood, sweat and tears that go into raising kids".

The photos have since gone viral, including thousands of funny comments from mums who can seriously relate.

"We don't even have to dress up" one mum wrote, attracting thousands of likes.

Great costume!