Drone photo of Old Woman Island.
Drone photo of Old Woman Island. John Anderson

Search begins for Old Woman Island's secret history

OLD Woman Island is an unmistakable part of the Sunshine Coast skyline, and stories of its history have captivated Daily readers in recent weeks.

Now researchers are searching for more of these stories to record and make available as part of an online resource.

Project director Angie Dunbaven said the project would include stories of the island shared by Aboriginal elders, historians, poets, musicians and other community keepers of knowledge.

"Mudjimba Island features prominently in the Dreamtime story of Coolum," she said.

"It is also the site of many a wonderful fisherman's tale; it was a secret rendezvous for Hollywood star Sean Connery and his wife Dianne Cilento; and it is said to hold the best surf break in the Sunshine Coast Region, if not Australia, with surfers making the journey daily to surf the perfect break."


Those tales and many more will be showcased at a story-telling event at Power Memorial Bark, Mudjimba Beach on Saturday, August 26, as part of the Horizon Festival.

Members of the public will be able to submit their own stories of Old Woman Island soon through the redchair.com.au website.

"We're looking for all sorts of stories," Ms Dunbaven said.

"Big stories and simple experiences, factual stories and tall tales, spoken word, musical and visual submissions are all okay."

REVEALED: The truth behind Old Woman Island

The project is part of a much larger initiative to bundle audio stories about natural and constructed landmarks across the world into a mobile app called STORYPLACE.

"The app will provide the user on-location access to sound recordings of stories about natural and constructed landmarks throughout the world - stories shared by elders, historians, scientist, poets, musicians and other community keepers of knowledge," Ms Dunbaven said.

"Mudjimba Island is the location we have selected to launch the project."