Daniel McCoy is raising funds to have stem cell therapy after a motorbike accident left him a paraplegic.
Daniel McCoy is raising funds to have stem cell therapy after a motorbike accident left him a paraplegic. John McCutcheon

Paraplegic motorcross champion determined to ride again

DANIEL McCoy was born to ride.

His father raced on speedways around the world, and his cousin is a MotoGP champion.

The former Sydney boy was a professional motorcross and supercross rider for 13 years, and competed in world-class events until a crash in Scotland in 2016 saw him swapping one set of wheels for another.

In a matter of mere moments, Daniel became a T11, T12 paraplegic.

"It happened so quick, and it was scary at the time," he said.

But it didn't change his outlook on life.

"It's always been the same, to do the best with what you've got," the 33-year-old said.

"I just try to keep it as real as possible."

Since his accident, Daniel has been making the most of the cards that he's been dealt.

He moved to Peregian Breeze with his partner Amy Pinfold not long after the accident, and she gave birth to their son Ryker eight months ago.

He's also been helping other young kids get into the sport, something he was doing a little during his career, but now he has the time to coach anyone who's keen to get stuck in.

From three-year-olds to 50-year-olds, he's at home helping out on the track and helping others ride their dreams.

He began his career kicking around on dirt bikes at the mere age of seven, so he knows exactly the right advice to give.

But riding is in his blood and Daniel is determined to get back on his feet.

He's tried training, rehab and daily gym routines, and keeping his positive mindset has been fundamental.

There's no time to sit and dwell on it," he said.

"I'm keeping active, and I'm still hoping more will progress."

Then an opportunity came knocking.

Stem cell therapy is still a relatively new procedure, but people with the same injuries as Daniel have been known to walk and drive again, which is a far cry from what he was told just over two years ago.

"We met someone online who had the treatment, and it opened our eyes a little," Amy said.

"A lot of people want to help, but a lot of the time there's not a lot they can do."

Stem cell therapy is offered in Panama, and it doesn't come cheap.

At $50,000 a session, the patient the couple met needed four doses to get him moving again.

Daniel has been accepted for the overseas treatment, and the young family is willing to do anything to make that a reality.

And as for the possibility of riding a bike again?

Only time and treatment will tell.

You can donate to Daniel's recovery page online: gofundme.com/5584kaw.