STEP UP: The Noosa News team bring their walking shoes to work.
STEP UP: The Noosa News team bring their walking shoes to work. Alan Lander

Healthy workers step up activity

THIS week the Noosa News team has racked up more than 150,000 steps while participating in Queensland's inaugural Walk at Work Week.

"For some of us it's been a bit of a challenge to increase our activity levels while at work but we've all made a conscious effort to get up from our desks and go for a quick walk at regular intervals during the day,” Noosa News editor Michele Sternberg said.

"The one-week challenge has been an eye-opener and has hopefully set us up for a regular walking routine.

"It has certainly made us all more aware of how little exercise a desk job provides.”

Walk at Work Week is an initiative of Queensland Walks in conjunction with two Queensland Government-funded physical activity programs, Heart Foundation Walking (Queensland) and 10,000 Steps.

"A typical work day requiring extended sitting can be detrimental to employees' physical and mental health,” Walk at Work Week co-organiser Anetta Van Itallie said.

"Workplaces and staff alike can reap benefits such as increased focus, productivity, reduced absenteeism and improved mood if walking at work is supported and embraced.

"10,000 steps a day is the recommended target for a healthy adult but many sedentary jobs mean workers need to make a conscious effort to even come close to that.”