ACTIVE: Trilogy Cycles owner Keith Maricich at Ultraman Australia 2017.
ACTIVE: Trilogy Cycles owner Keith Maricich at Ultraman Australia 2017. Iain Curry

Everyone's a winner after completing Ultraman

DOZENS of competitors are feeling superhuman after completing Ultraman Australia, an endurance challenge that began at the Noosa Surf Club and took place throughout the Sunshine Coast on the weekend.

On day one on Saturday, competitors took part in a 10km swim and a 140km bike ride, day two entailed a 281km bike ride, and day three encompassed a double marathon, an 84km run.

The J hosted the awards lunch and presentation on Tuesday, with 50 competitors receiving a plaque and medal.

Noosa Junction Trilogy Cycles owner Keith Maricich came ninth overall and said he's still coming to terms with how he did it.

"I'm super happy with that result, I wasn't expecting that,” Mr Maricich said.

"I didn't do too well when I was running because I only started running training about a month ago. I focused on the other training in about December, lots of bike and swimming training.

"It's a weird feeling. It's a big achievement.”

Unlike other sports events, the Ultraman requires each competitor to have a support crew follow nearby in a vehicle to provide aid and assistance for the majority of the land events.

Each competitor gave a speech about their experience on stage while accepting their award.

Mr Maricich told the audience he couldn't have achieved it without the support from his team and the community.

"Marathons and triathlons can be a very isolated sport - not this one,” Mr Maricich said.

"There's a lot of camaraderie with the competitors and the organisers and crew.

"There's no way you can do it without your support team. You need your team.

"I had my wife and good mates helping me, Meredith, Nigel, Paul and Hannah.”

Mr Maricich said it was his first time he'd competed in the challenge and was introduced to it through his cycling shop.

"I had competitors come through the shop last year and saw what kind of event it was,” he said.

"I like doing challenging events, so I applied and got accepted.”