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    ON SAFARI: Road-testing the Huawei P30 Pro

    ON SAFARI: Road-testing the Huawei P30 Pro

    Phone equipped to snap some of the world's most dangerous animals

    ‘Too rainy’: Tourists slam Australia

    ‘Too rainy’: Tourists slam Australia

    "We all came here to become waiters and farmers... what? Didn’t we?”

    ‘Get a job’: Outrage at couple’s $16k plea

    ‘Get a job’: Outrage at couple’s $16k plea

    "When you have the impact we do, getting a job is not an option.

    $99 flights to ‘the new Bali’ just dropped

    $99 flights to ‘the new Bali’ just dropped

    It’s got the laidback vibes of Bali 30 years ago

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        PART 1: Learn the basics of surfing with Robbie and Carlene Sherwell, of XL Surfing Academy in this series aimed at getting you in the water.

        Surfing: Where to start when you don't know how

        Learn to surf online with Robbie and Carlene Sherwell

        AS THE Coast swelters through a second summer heatwave all most people want to do is cool off. Here are some fantastic options.

        VIDEO: Coast's best, secret freshwater swimming holes

        All most people want to do during the heatwave is cool off

        CONSIDERING the vast amount of stunning bushland that covers much of Australia, it is no wonder bushwalking has cemented itself as a popular pastime.

        Five of the best to places to bushwalk

        Popular pass time offers something for everyone

        PHOTOGRAPHER Warren Lynam offers some advice to people wanting to take an incredible lightning shot.

        Five things you need to know before taking a lightning photo

        Key tips from photographer Warren Lynam


          Some of the world’s most iconic landmarks and destinations are in danger of disappearing. Here are the things to visit before it’s too late.

          Iconic attractions to see before they go

          Amazing attractions to see before they disappear

          VIVID Sydney is best seen through the eyes of a child. Especially if a visit to an electric playground is on your list of things to do.

          Vivid Sydney 2019: Colours and fun for child in all of us

          Tech giant uses huge festival to show off latest devices

          A TRAVEL site has revealed which of the world’s most visited locations are also the most overrated and underwhelming.

          ‘Avoid at all costs’: Tourist site tells the harsh truth

          A travel sit has given famous tourist traps both barrels

          NEW analysis shows Australia will be inundated with a record 10 million people from overseas this year — and it’s all good news.

          10 million foreigners heading here

          Australia to be inundated with record 10 million visitors